Introduction to AWS CloudFormation

In this lab I will learn what CloudFormation does and how it works, I want to learn this as I am already running my own website and it has Stacks created already and I want to know how to use them.

Create a Stack

I will now create a stack using an AWS Template.


I then choose a WordPress blog template


I now need to enter in the details per the lab’s instructions


I did encounter an error where my password did not match the requirements,¬†it can not contain special characters it seems….


After changing the password the stack is now complete and is setting up.


I can check the current status by doing to the events tab.


Using the Stack

So after it has created I can go to the output tab and click on the link.


…. You are telling me I can setup a WordPress¬†blog site in a matter of seconds?? SO AWESOME!!!!! Now to set it up! (Don’t worry that’s not my password)


And it’s done! maybe for this lab but not for me! I’m making one for myself!

So during all those setups it also set up an EC2 instance for me just like that! I find this very very very cool.


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