Introduction to Amazon CloudFront

In this lab, I will be storing a picture into a public S3 bucket that can be accessed by others.

Storing a publicly accessible image file in an Amazon S3 Bucket

First I need to create an S3 Bucket and make it public



Now I need to upload an image to my newly created bucket.


Now I must get the link for image fileĀ s3 cloud.PNG

Creating an amazon CloudFront Web Distribution

Now I will create an Amazon CloudFront that will distribute the file.


I select the bucket I wish to be linked to CloudFront and create it. The creation process can take up to 20 mins.


Creating a Link to your Object

Using the template below I can create a basic website to access my image.



It works! it’s on a local directory but it’s talking to my S3 bucket! how cool!!!!


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