Introduction to Amazon DynamoDB

In this lab, I will create a simple table in Amazon DynamoDB to store information about a music Libary.

Creating a New Table

Creating a new table in done in the DynamoDB service.


I then create a table based on the lab requirements

table details.PNG

Adding and Modifying Table Data

In this part, I will be adding data to the table as per the lab.

Datrabase info.PNG

I then had to add two other items to the Database


Modify an Existing Item in the Table

To edit items in the table I go to the tables menu.


To edit an item I first go into the table, then select the item I wish to edit and go to action, then edit.


I then change the value of 2014 to 2013 and save.


Querying the Table

In this part, I will learn how to Query the table to find specific information from the database.

I run a query to find the artist “No One You Know”


Since the only songs I have is by that artist no change is seen.

Now I am going to search for a specific song.


Now I am going to search by The year of 2013.


Deleting the Table

Now it’s time to delete the table.





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