Introduction to Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) with Windows Server

In this lab, I provision an isolated section of AWS where I can launch resources in a virtual network

I verified the regions supported and Sydney is supported.

Create an Amazon VPC

First I had to go into the VPC service and run the VPC Wizard


I choose the VPC with a Single Public Subnet


I then had to create my VPC


Now to check the internet gateways and the route tables.


Setting up a Security Group

Now I need to set up Security Groups that act as a virtual firewall.


Add rules to the WebServerSG Security Group

Now I have to add protocols to my new security group, RDP is Remote Desktop Protocol. Best practice is not to use as a source but for this demo it’s okay.


I then removed all outbound rules.


Launching an Amazon EC2 instance

I now have to create an Instance using the groups I made before



Attaching an Internet Gateway to your VPC

Now I need to attach an Internet Gateway to my VPC


Now I need to attach these to my web server



Deleting your Amazon VPC

Now after the creation and set up process it’s time to bring it all down.

First I remove the instance

removing instance.PNG

Now I remove the VPC



And that is VPC!

I did not encounter issues with this lab. I am familiar with creating instances so this was pretty straight forward.

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