Introduction to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

Create a Bucket in Amazon S3

In this lab, I will create a bucket and learn how to interact with the bucket.

First I must create it.


Adding an Object to Amazon S3

Now I am going to upload a file to my new S3 bucket, for this demo I just upload a PNG image for an example.


I was also required to upload a folder to the S3 bucket


Viewing an Object in Amazon S3

In this part I am to download a file I have uploaded to my bucket back to my PC.


Moving an Object in Amazon S3

Now I will move my PNG image from one bucket to another.



Delete an Object and Bucket in Amazon S3

First off I will delete the bucket image I just cut.


Now I will delete the bucket.


This lab was very easy to do as I have already had plenty of practice with creating S3 buckets.

But once again I faced issues with the lab being outdated with the current menus.




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