Introduction to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) with Windows Server

In this lab, I am required to make a Windows Instance and remote desktop into it.

Create an Amazon EC2 instance running Windows Server

There are no custom changes that need to be made when creating this instance, the only thing I need to assure is that port 3389 is open for RDP.

Before anything, I ensure I am logged into my Admin account and not my ‘God’account.


The instance has been created and I have selected a key pair I already have, know I need to wait until it has passed its status checks before carrying on.


Retrieve the Administrator Password to your instance

First I must download the remote desktop file from my instance, then using my Key I can decrypt my password that will enable me to connect to my instance, which I saved to a notepad file for now.


Connect to the Amazon EC2 instance

Now I’m going to connect to my instance using the RDP file I downloaded


I then get asked to enter my password I decrypted and saved to my notepad file.


And just like that, I am in. HELLO WINDOWS!


I did not encounter nay issues following this lab, I have not actually made a windows instance before so it was good to see how it’s done. I would have never known about decrypting the password using the Key Pair.


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