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Today I have gone through the process of setting up my AWS with billing notifications, I have set it up in a way so when my balance goes over 0.01 USD I will receive and email that will let me know I have now used all of my remaining credits in AWS, or my free tier has expired.

First I had to create a bucket for my reports to be stored in

bucket Creation.PNG

To enable billing and cost management to be delivered to this bucket I had to add a bucket policy

code for bucket.PNG

I then had to create a report, choosing the time unit eg. Hourly or Daily and then choose the bucket for the reports to be stored in.


Now I have set up my reporting backbone I can now set up notifications when my billing reaches a specific point it will email me, in my case when the free tier runs out or my credits do, Which ever comes first.

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Now with everything setup I can sit back and know that I will get an email if something were to happen. But in any case it’s still best practice to monitor your spending and in the Bills tab I can see exactly where my money/credits is going.

I have underlined where it lists how many credits have been used for that month, and if you click on ‘view products’ it will display exactly ¬†what service you have been billed for.

billing e3.PNG

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