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Hi, I’m Nicholas Wilkinson and this is my little slice on the internet.

I’m a Cloud Engineer by day and well, I guess by night as well because it’s really all I do… I really should get outside more.

I guess I should get some bragging going on.

I’m a Certified Google Cloud Professional Architect, kinda know Python and I’m always looking for things to automate. If you wanted more of a run down of my skills check out my Linkedin

I tend to be a jack of all trades and a master of none as I’m interested in a lot of things and always find myself with 2-5 projects going on at one time.

Well, since this is my site I’m already bored about typing about myself, so check out my Linkedin if you are actually interested in what I’m up too.

Also this site might be down sometimes as it’s running on my Raspberry Pi 2 and I don’t have a static public IP and I don’t want to setup dynamic DNS.


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