D100 #100DaysOfCode

Well, the day is finally here, 100 Days of coding.

I’m happy to say I managed to get my Digital Ocean Manager application completed, now I just need to tidy some code up like the hardcoded variables and do some documentation.

If you want to check out the app, you can find it here.

So that concludes my 100 Days of code!

When I started this adventure I was unsure if I would actually go all the way with it, 3 months is a long time to commit to something every single day.

I was looking back to try and find some of my old code so I could compare it to how I am now and I found this.

    #Guess The Number
    from random import randint
    number = randint(1, 100)
    guess = 0
    tries = 0
    mode = input('What mode do you want to play?         Easy, Medium or Hard?')
    if mode == 'easy':
        number = randint(1,10)
    elif mode == 'medium':
        number = randint(1,100)
    elif mode == 'hard':
        number = randint(1,1000)
        print('Invalid Mode, defaulting to easy')
        number = randint(1,10)
    while guess != number:
        guess = (int(input('What is your guess?'))        )
        if guess < number:
            print('Your guess is to low.')
            tries += 1
        elif guess > number:
            print('Your guess is to high')
            tries += 1
            print(f'You won in {tries} tires')

Grab the code here.

As you can probably see, it’s a simple guess the number game and I’m pretty sure I followed a guide to make this. 100 days ago this was a complicated bit of code for me, so that should give you some idea how far I’ve come.

If you want to check out all my ‘completed’ apps I made during my 100 days, here they are.








Also, I want to thank the following people, companies for their content which helped me through the 100 Days.




Now, what’s next?

I just got a Raspberry Pi 4, so it’s time to get into some hardware projects!

Written on December 29, 2019