Google Cloud Certified

I’m once again a certified Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect!

The second time around you would think it would get easier, but it seemed the same if not more difficult this time around compared to the first time I did it.

If you aren’t familiar with how the Google Cloud certification works you can pretty much break it down into two sections at a high level, you have the general technical questions based around the platform such as networking, virtual machines and Kubernetes. What really makes the Google Cloud certifications really test you knowledge each time is the second section which is based around four fictional case-studies made up by Google.

The case studies give you a business problem, technical constraints and a set of business and technical problems. It’s then up to you to pick out the best Google Cloud and open source products to create a solution, now out of these four case studies you might only get one in the exam but you need to prep for each one of them.

I really enjoy this exam structure as it really tests your knowledge on the services and makes it some what more entertaining compared to just studying a bunch of services and what they do, you really put what you learn into action.

How I prepared for the exam

Everyone has their own way they like to prep for exams and I am no different, below is some quick bullet points on how I prep for an upcoming exam.

  • Qwicklabs - Hands on Labs, this is a great way to refresh yourself on services you may not use often.
  • Whizlabs - Exam practice questions, these really help you get into the exam mindset and to test your readiness.
  • Create personal projects - I find just playing around in the environment and deploying some services and playing out situations to get a better idea on how it works really helps.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have some questions about how to prep etc and I’ll try my best to help out.