Azure AZ-103 Post 1


So I’m currently working towards getting my AZ-103 certification and like any learning I do, I blog about it.

This will be the second certification I’m going for, my first one was the Google Cloud Professional Architect.

When I was studying for my GCP cert it was pretty straight forward, everything was new and interesting. I’ve used Azure in my day to day job for a while now, so I find myself dozing off in some of the course videos then going “Oh, what was that part?” and then rewinding it.

So it’s a little bit more of a struggle this time around as I’m filtering out the parts I know and trying to catch the parts I don’t, but all is good.

I’m currently learning about Storage accounts, it’s funny as I know how to create custom policies and setup alerting, etc in Azure, but I find myself not knowing my way around Storage accounts, so it’s good I’m doing this training.

Todays Learnings

Today I learned how to control access to Azure Storage accounts and how to set up the Azure Storage Explorer with both SAS and Keys.


I didn’t know that blob storage was actually contained within a Storage account, I thought they were two completely separate services, it’s nice to understand that.

I’m currently 35% through the exam.


Written on January 19, 2020