D88 and D89 #100DaysOfCode

While doing my online training I decided to create a todo list tracker.

The idea for this is to be able to have a simple CLI application that I could set an alias for and set some todo tasks and keep track of other ones I created as well as deleting completed ones.

The way this works is it gives you a list of four options.

  1. Take a note
  2. Delete a note
  3. Show notes
  4. Exit

The notes are stored in an SQLite database which makes it easier to manage the data.

When the application starts up it does a database check to make sure it exists, if it doesn’t it will let you know and offer to create one for you.

Here is the application in action


I need to make it so it clears all the old text above, otherwise, it looks pretty messy.

Here’s the GitHub Repo: https://github.com/Techdox/techdox_todo

Written on December 18, 2019