D83, D84, and D85 #100DaysOfCode

I’ve started to do a lot of coding challenges. I’ve had a look at a few online sites like HackerRank, but it got pretty complicated.

I found a good one which is https://app.codesignal.com/. It has a great IDE and the questions are good for someone with my current knowledge, it doesn’t throw me into the deep end.

I’m going to just spend a bit of time going through this site as it really tests my knowledge and helps me realise where I’m falling short. I remember doing these when I first started and I did horribly, but I am doing okay now.

I know Python is great for mathematical problems, but damn I don’t like those challenges, my math skills is horrible and no Python training is going to fix that!

As a bit of a note, here is my current level on https://app.codesignal.com/


Written on December 14, 2019