D80 and D81 #100DaysOfCode

Under one month to go!

So I’ve taken a little break from Flask to not burn myself out and decided to just go over some general Python concepts from the top of my head.

Going over classes, methods, functions and seeing what modules exist out on the web that would be fun to tinker with. I’m pretty much just re-testing my knowledge and how confidant I am going into it without looking up help.

I was wanting to try and make an app that would track what apps I’m using day to day, the idea behind this is to see how much time I spend studying over casually browsing the web, and just to build more apps :D.

While on that note, there is a pretty cool Visual code extension called Wakatime that can track your time spent coding in VS Code, I use it to track my coding time for this challenge.

Written on December 10, 2019