D45 #100DaysOfCode

Not much coding done today, but I have been tweaking my Twitter bot and it’s code.

I noticed that my bot was on the loose and retweeting 5 tweets a minute, which I found out makes Twitter mad haha! So I edited the cron job to be around 10 minutes now.

I’m now going to get back onto my Chat app issue and try to get it to communicate across to devices, I might hit the documentation up a bit and see if I can get any ideas there.

It’s pretty handy having a Raspberry Pi on the network as it makes testing easy, I can just SSH into it without moving off the sofa and have it act as my other device.

I’m also looking into some ideas for apps I can build in Python for my Raspberry Pi, it seems like there is a bunch out there so it shouldn’t be too hard to come up with some ideas.

If you wanna see what my bot is up to, you can check it out here

Written on November 4, 2019