D41 #100DaysOfCode

It was another day of learning Python sockets today.

So if you are following my progress you will know that I am now exploring Sockets. Yesterday I managed to create a connection between a server and a client, if you want to read more about that, you can here.

So I’ve improved the last iteration of the code and now have a constant connection between the server and the client, to showcase this the client shows the current time every three seconds.


I’m now making some good progress towards my chat app, but I need to explain some concerns I have.

When I have been learning Python I’ve found that when I follow videos online I just become so confused because this is how I follow someone telling me code.

“Okay so we will create this function and then blah blah blah, hit run and wow look we have a running app!”…

I find myself stopping a video, or running it at a slower speed just so I can follow along. I then find myself asking “Why are you doing that, what does that do? Is there an alternative? WHAT! WHAT! WHAT!

I think this is why I could never learn to code when I studied, I just can’t process this information at the speed someone speaks it, I need to read it for myself and test it and break it to learn, and I think I’m going to go solo on my chat app for now, as watching these videos is just making me frustrated and wanting to stop.

I ain’t no quitter, so let’s go down the long hard road and do it right.

Written on October 31, 2019