D1 #100DaysOfCode Challenge

100 Days of Code Challenge

I have decided to take up the 100 days of code challenge, and i’ll be doing it with Python. Coding has always been my weakness ever since I started my IT journey, so I’ve decided to tackle it head on!

What this challenge means if the title hasn’t already explained is that i’ll be learning Python for 100 days straight, this doesn’t mean 24/7, it’s more like an hour or so each day.

My First Python App Idea

I know Python has many use cases but I am wanting to start with with creating a GUI application, the one in mind is an app that will tell you the price of a coin like Bitcoin etc

My App

So for my Day1 I have built somewhat of a draft and just testing some functionality of an API I’m using. I currently have the app showing a fixed coin in a fixed currency, but my goal is to have maybe radio buttons or something to allow the user to choose what they want.


Written on September 19, 2019